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Membre de Ostéopathie Québec (OQ) N° 05345
Membre du General Osteopathic Council, UK (GOsC) N°4751


Membre de Ostéopathie Québec (OQ) N° 05346
Membre du General Osteopathic Council, UK (GOsC) N°4743

Notre formation en Ostéopathie:
ESO, Maidstone

Le syllabus de l'European School of Osteopathy en PDF

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The European School of Osteopathy offers a four-year full-time course leading to a Integrated Masters Degree in Osteopathy (M.Ost). This qualification is widely recognised and replaces and upgrades the previous BSc(Hons). 

The undergraduate academic year is 36 weeks in duration, extending to 46 weeks for the 3rd and 4th years to incorporate essential clinical experience. The course is a demanding one requiring total commitment from the student, but the reward is an immensely satisfying career.

The osteopathic teaching at the ESO has always reflected an eclectic view and the School is renowned for its broad approach to osteopathy and the wide range of techniques it teaches which, at undergraduate level, include:

The practical philosophies of all the great osteopathic pioneers are integrated into the curriculum with particular emphasis on the fundamentals laid down by A.T.Still, which are complemented by progressive consideration of structural, cranial, functional and visceral techniques.

The instruction given is essentially osteopathic, built on a foundation of basic science, and set against a background of natural therapeutics. While students are expected to accept fundamental principles and to apply their studies accordingly, they are nevertheless encouraged to think, deduce and express their ideas in an atmosphere of academic freedom - in the best educational tradition.
The programme can be split into two distinct areas:

The curriculum is modular and is divided into 3 departments:

1. Basic Sciences and concepts of Osteopathy.

2. Clinical Sciences and Osteopathic diagnosis.
3. Osteopathic technique and practice.

In addition to this is the practical application, working with patients in our teaching clinic. Details of the curriculum can be found by clicking on the above departments.

The curriculum incorporates phased assessments that may be theoretical, practical or clinical, as appropriate to the stage of the curriculum. In addition, a research dissertation must be completed for submission in Year 4.



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